Monday, November 15, 2010

are busy. But good.

Today, I realized I have one week until I am going home. HOME.

2 months ago when school started, I was unsure if Thanksgiving was ever going to come. And now, what do you know, it's already here. Damn, time travels fast. I am getting really excited to be home. To see familiar faces and have a well-needed break.

It's going to be weird, but it's going to be so nice to be back in the place I spent 18 years of my life growing up in. I will know where everything belongs in my room, where to get a bowl of cereal when I am hungry, and will get to see all of the hometown friends I have been missing so dearly. It's going to be a great week back home.

However, I have a full week planned over here in college-land, and I need to buckle down and focus on getting all of my work done before I get too excited about coming home. So, I plan on getting my work done, having some fun (Page/Clark Committee Meetings, Clark Unplugged, Ridiculous adventures, etc) before I head down the 99 back home to good 'ol Dinuba.

I'm planning on visiting the high school and catching up teachers with my adventures in college, the amazing opportunities that are happening, and all the great fun Santa Barbara holds. I think I might be the most excited to share the stories of college thus far with everyone back home. It's going to be a grand time :)

Well, I am off to Public Speaking and Christian Doctrine, then have the afternoon off before choir rehearsal and section meeting tonight. Busy, busy Mondays...

"Lead me to the cross."

Respectfully submitted,