Sneeze. Cough. Shiver. Sneeze.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why does it feel like I'm sick every other weekend here? So frustrating.

Skipped choir today, mainly because my voice sounds like I ripped out my vocal chords and scrubbed them down with sandpaper. Singing is useless. Plus, I have a speech tomorrow, and I'd rather be at full health for that than making a rehearsal today.

I'm ready for home. I'm ready for thanksgiving break.

It just hit me that I only have a little over a week until I am going home, for the first time since the end of August. Damn. I'm sure things have changed, and I'm not just talking about the fact Perko's burned down yesterday. Dinuba is going to feel weird, as will being away from Westmont will too.

It's preview days over here in Westmont Land, and there are hundreds of prospective students carrying little red folders and lanyards looking lost around campus. Hah, I remember when I was that student earlier this spring. Westmont seemed different back then. Well, I was also different back then.

Either way, the DC shall be packed tonight. Lame. I am off to take a nap before work, and try and soak up some energy for this upcoming night which will spent rehearsing for my speech tomorrow, and entertaining my two preview students. Yippe.


Respectfully submitted,