Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter break has officially begun. How do I celebrate such a fantastic event?

Packing up a bag of necessities and hightailing it to the Dirty 'Dena with the lovely Annie and our spectacular friend Bry bry. But for now, I go back to the days of music swirling from my laptop speakers and an empty text box on my computer screen waiting to be filled with the thoughts overflowing from my mind as of the moment.

This is what I love.
I love writing, I love blogging, it's something that's always held a part of me.

I can leave for 4 months, and when I come back it, it's still the same. The feelings, the emotions, the sudden "pull" in my mind to write about something, it's all still here. It's like coming home after a full semester to curl back in my old bed and feel my cat jump up and snuggle into the end of my blankets, wake up to my normal alarm clock and walk barefoot around without feeling gross. It's like coming home.

Don't get me wrong. When I deactivated my life on blogger, I managed to get back into the swing of actually writing in a journal. Like one I can pick up and carry and flip back to and read, filled with pictures and quotes, song titles and tidbits of my life. Ticket stubs, photographs, business cards, stickers, it's quite an interesting story so far. And it's going to continue for a while, but it feels good to be back on the net. There will be things I obviously will never write about on this blog, but I can write about anything I want in that journal. It's carried a lot of my life so far this semester.

Speaking of which, freshman year is drawing to a close.
Wait, wait?

It's true. I only have 3 more days of classes (two of which only consist of a 50 minute PE class) and then finals week. 3 finals, then home. HOME FOR THE SUMMER. As in, a whole month to relax, then Calvin Crest, then home for a bit, then back to SB for another semester.

I've done a lot of growing this semester.
In faith. In learning. In friendships, relationships, and basically every part of my life.

I've found an amazing friend group, told stories, cried my eyes out, studied till the wee hours of the morning and had fantastic adventures. Freshman year has been greater than anything I could have ever imagined. It hasn't all been great, but everything that may have hurt me has humbled me back to the foot of the cross where I have learned so much.

God has been great to me this year, and I'm so excited for where he takes me in the future.
But for now, he's taking me to Pasadena with a great group of people.
Let Easter break begin, now.

"Imagine me. Weighing 600 pounds."

Respectfully submitted,