Westmont: Year 1 Playlist.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Someone once told me that the best way to capture memories, and hold tight to them in your mind is to tie them with songs that you know you'll remember. It's true, songs tend to bring a flood of people, places, events, and memories to mind every time they come up in iTunes or on the radio.

What better way the, to create an "audio yearbook" of sorts to capture the great memories of college? Make a playlist for each year of school, and write down what memories that certain song holds. Then when you want to reminisce of that year, simply listen to the playlist, and watch the memories come flooding back. This being said, here is my Westmont: Year One playlist.

1. "Hey Soul Sister" - Train
This song was stuck in my head the entire year. Not to mention it was the first song I played at our all-freshman open mic, and stepping up to that mic and listening to everyone sing along as I played it really hit me. It was a great example of the community of Westmont I was about to experience, not to mention it really introduced me to a lot of first-years, who recognized me from open mic.

2. "Windows are Rolled Down" - Amos Lee
I fell in love with Amos Lee's music this year. Getting this song as a free download from my local Starbucks, not to mention listening to Dana sing it while she was on duty in the VIP lounge in the lovely land of Clark really puts me in a chill-mood.

3. "Something in the Water" - Brooke Fraser
Okay. Seriously, who wasn't singing this at least once during this last year. My favorite memory of this song had to be at the late-night breakfast feast during finals week in the spring. Listening to Bachelor 'til the Rapture sing this and watching everyone dance and sing along was one of the best ways to end out the year, and get me pumped to take on double finals the next morning.

4. "Awake My Soul" - Mumford & Sons
Two words: Aaron Tardie. Every morning, he would play this on the balcony of J-Loft, and belt it out so loud I could hear it from my windows. I credit him for why I now listen to Mumford.

5. "You Belong With Me" - Taylor Swift
Clark Unplugged in the spring was litered with great talent and a lot of music, but nothing will beat the impromptu dance party and jam session with the great Joseph Bagdanov who played this for me and my K girls, while much dancing and loud singing ensued.

6. "We R Who We R" - Ke$ha
The ultimate dance song for the year. Best memory of it? Dancing and singing it with the girls at the Halloween Dance. Hot and dangerous...

7. "Audience" - Cold War Kids
This song was played a lot during the last couple months, but I remember it most blasting in the radio of Kelli's car as we drove back from Carp after a study sesh at Coffee Bean. With a full car, and two people in the trunk, not to mention a glorious sunset and the ocean as a perfect view, it was a great way to end out the year with the girls I love.

8. "Wagon Wheel" - Mumford & Sons (Old Crow Medicine Show Cover)
Possibly the song of the year. My favorite cover of any song, ever, and reminds me a lot of driving around Pasadena with Adventure Fannie, Bry Bry Beau and Holden, seeing the sights and sounds of LA (and the surrounding area) lots of Chipotle, and a simply splendid Easter Break.

9. "Folding Chair" - Regina Spektor
Early morning and late afternoons at work. This is where I fell in love with Regina Spektor, alongside plenty of prospective student cards, a bag of honey nut cherrios, and the Datatel program.

10. "The Cave" - Mumford & Sons
Driving down to the Santa Barbara bowl the day of Spring Sing. Joanna, Annie, Harvey, and me in Jo's car. Blasting this song out into a misty and overcast afternoon. Singing with our already sore voices, laughing so hard, wearing our ridiculous costumes, and getting pumped for the show that night. Spring Sing 2011 in a nutshell.

11. "Back to December" - Taylor Swift
Winter Formal Masquerade. Spring Formal at the Fes Parker. Enough said.

12. "Beautiful" - Phil Wickham
My favorite worship song from this year. God, you are so, so, beautiful. I'll never forget singing this song with a ton of college students as Phil played it live. Worship sessions blew my mind this year, and I can't wait I get to experience them in SB again.

13. "Purple" - The Way Much
The concluding song of the year. Watching this be performed live at Phoenix Night 2011, and listening to the words of leaving something and moving forward. Feeling unsteady about leaving my life as a freshman, but excited for what the summer will hold. Forgetting about certain people who didn't work out, and turning my focus to those who really care. This song is all about moving forward, and doing it with confidence.

14. "Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)" - Kid Sister
I couldn't resist putting this song on, just because of the best dance of the year. Robot Food (Roabot Feud) anyone? Let the dubstep commence.

This playlist is a huge mass of my first year of college. I can't wait to listen to it years from now and remember everything about this fantastic year of school.

"Look at me now...I'm getting paperrr"

Respectfully submitted,