Tuesday, July 26, 2011

There is a part of me.

A small portion of my soul, tied to you.

Tied to what we had, what we were, what I've wished for and what I yearn for.
Knotted tight to the idea of us, and the hope I have.

The line holding us together is strong.
But it will fray over time, it will snap with too much tension, and we will be lost once more.
This portion of my soul wants to be close to you.
Close enough that we can let go of this line and yet, still be tied together.

There is a part of me that never wants to let you go.
Never wants to see you leave.
I've buried that part deep, deep, within you.


There is a part of me.
A slightly smaller portion of this soul, tied to You.

You who stood there through it all.
Who brought us together, who tore us apart, who broke my heart, and then bandaged it back up.
You who had the master plan, who knew what would happen all along.
You who brought him back, and gave him to me.
You are the one responsible.

You said, "See child, the wait was worth it."
You who told me, "Let me create this beautiful love in my time."
You who constantly reminded me, "Be patient, Beloved."

You are the one responsible.


The rest of me.
The remaining portion, the leftover pieces.
The scattered drops of my mind, the seemingly heavy heart.

The rest of me, has no idea where to go now.