Another closing to another chapter.

Friday, August 12, 2011

And so, another summer draws to a close.

My last day on the mountaintop.
Spending the afternoon packing.
Talking memories with fellow staff, the last dish rush, the last salad bar re-fill, the last lazy afternoon time-off.

It would be stupid to say that this summer flew by. I mean, it did, but it was also two and half months filled with everything good and fruitful. It is overflowing with memories, laughter, lessons learned and I feel like I'm leaving this place a different person.

This summer has given me hope.

Being around a group of people as inspiring as this staff I've had the blessed opportunity to work with, seeing them put others before themselves, serve God and others, and be Christ in a world that needs renewal - it has given me hope. We have become so close, close enough to be called a family, siblings tied together through a strong bond in Christ. I love these people so much.

This summer has been spirit-filled.

God has spoke to me so much about everything that has been on my mind over this year. About patience. About trust. About submission and about what really needs to top my priority list. Revealing Himself, and teaching me about what it really means to be a faithful follower. Learning how to be a shepherd. God has been incredibly good to me, and even through difficult situations, has taught me about continuous love and his faithfulness. I am so thankful He has been here with me through everything.

This summer has been hilarious.

I love my friends, and the way they can make me laugh. There's just something about camp friends that people who don't experience a community like this simply can't understand. I am so thankful friendships that were formed three, four, even five years ago are still strong and growing. These people know me, they make me laugh, they are here for the right reasons. This staff has exceed every expectation I could have ever had about this summer. They were called. And they have fulfilled that calling exceedingly well.

This summer has been everything I've needed.
And I can't wait to see what this next year holds for me.

"You make me new. You are making me new."

Respectfully submitted,