Week 3.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's been a week since my last update.

Things have been normal. I'm getting settled back into life as a student, dealing with heavy workload classes, and doing my best not to trudge through life, but rather enjoyably stroll through it.

Things are good. They feel like they are beginning to settle back into the way they used to be, and I am thankful for that. Westmont feels more like home now. And 4-day is only a few weeks away! I cannot wait for a short break, a dead campus, and a visit from the parents :)

Here are a few highlights from my 3rd week of sophomore year:

Sunday night songwriting is done, a new song is finished, and I have never felt more comfortable with a finished product than I do now. Perfectly simple, plain, honest and true. It's worth the listen, so if you are interested to hearing it, click here to visit my FB music page and check it out!

My favorite Monday night activity. Studying/doing homework for Greek (favorite class!) and mug of tea with honey. Relaxing, and enjoyable. I love learning this language and digging deeper into scripture, now that I can semi-read it in it's original context!

The first photoshoot of the year! Baylee, Diana, Kelli, Misha and I went out to take photos and enjoy some time down on state street and it was delightful :) I'm glad our friendships have stayed solid over the summer. And I got to see the turtle pond for the first time!!!

Another shot from the photoshoot of some beautiful flowers we passed when walking by Butterfly Beach.

MAC N CHEESE BAR. Seriously, the highlight of my week. The DC stepped it up a notch with this fantastic wild card lunch, and I applaud them. Cheesy noodles, perfectly cooked with chili, hotdogs and ham. It was reliving my childhood lunches from days past. PLEASE KEEP THIS FOREVER IN THE DC.

So, all in all...things are getting back to normal. And that's the best I've felt since I've been back at Westmont. Maybe it took a hit, a fall to the ground, a cry to my Father and a beloved rescue for me to realize that things are going to be just fine, and I can rejoice in that.

God is good. I can't wait to see where the coming weeks lead me and lead us.

"In the house of God, forever."

Respectfully submitted,