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Sunday, November 20, 2011

I know it's lame to say I'm too "busy" to blog, but honestly, this semester has kicked my butt, handed to me on a platter, and then reminded me that I have an exam, paper, night activity, and final project to finish by the end of the week. Even as I write this, my mind is among the large amount of work I have to do this week - despite the fact it is Thanksgiving break.

So in all honestly, that's why I haven't been updating as much as I've wanted to this semester. Plus, sophomore year really hasn't been anything to yell about. It's been normal. Lots of school. Lots of work. Not much of a social life. I've gone through some rough spots, I've hit the sophomore slump and managed to slowly trudge my way through it (imagine attempting to spring through a large mud pit) and come out on the other side, exhausted, dirty, tired, but - in one piece.

The sophomore slump sucked. No one told me it would happen. No one told me to expect it, so I guess it hit me really hard. Now that it's over and now that I am only 3 short weeks away from this semester being over and the adventures that next semester abroad will bring, I find myself in a very odd place.

I am going to miss Westmont so much. I am going to miss people I love, teachers I admire, and activities that are only present in the spring. BUT I can't wait to live in Turkey. I can't wait for the cold weather and the rain. I can't wait to travel until we are sick of it with a group of people I only somewhat know right now. I can't wait to eat unusual and fantastic food. I. Can't. Wait.

46 more days.

Yes, my blog will be updated more during that semester. I've given though to a video blog, but I suppose I will be just as busy traveling Turkey as I am this semester trying to make my way through 18 units. Who would have thought that 18 units would mean no social life, and a current level of stress that can either boil over or cool down depending on a certain work load for a week.

But, God is good regardless. He has brought me this far, and also blessed me with a bit of extra Thanksgiving break, which I am spending catching up on homework and relaxin, updating my blog, spending time with friends, and enjoying a cold, chilly, and rainy Dinuba. It's simply wonderful to be on break, to be home, to SEE MY CAT, and to spend time with family.

Here are a few photos to catch you up on my life since I've last updated.

B1 Picnic with new friends, and a familiar place.

Section date with A2 to sky high!

Halloween 2011.

First red cup of the season :)

Emily Hall and Rachel Hamlin come to visit SB!
Rachel, Leo and I at the end of the pier.

First whodidily cupcake of the year - gobsmaker!

Glorious Sunday shots on the way home from church with Annie :)

Kylie and I, getting in touch with our creepin' side before Capax Dei.

The ol' Clark K gang got together to meet the new residents of our beloved section.
Wonderful girls, hilarious stories, and new friends.
This makes me REALLY excited about the possibility of being an RA next year!

Speaking of which, please keep me in your prayers - I am deep within the application process to be a Resident Assistant next year, and I am keeping my fingers crossed I get placed with a freshman section. Beyond the financial aid (free housing!) I have been earnestly praying and seeking God's will in this. Whether I am given the opportunity to be an RA next year, or not, I am holding God above it all, trusting that he will lead me into an amazing and blessed place for my junior year. Especially because I am doing the application process so early, and won't find out if I get the job till February, I know this can be something that will plague my mind and cause me to worry. I don't need to worry - God already knows if I get the job, where I end up, and even who my potential future residents will be. Please be praying that I daily surrender this desire to God, and trust in him completely.

He will take me somewhere great.

"No, O People, the Lord has told you what is good, and this is what he requires of you: to do what is right, love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God."

Respectfully submitted,