Giving Thanks Through the Year

Thursday, November 24, 2011

This year, I have a lot to be thankful for.
Here's a review of what I've been thankful for over the past year.


This time last year I was just getting into the swing of college, and I was thankful for friends that would always be down to hang out, take photos, and have a ridiculous time. This photo was taken November 21st, 2010 just before all of us left for break, and was the result of Kelli basically running into our rooms and saying "Let's do a photoshoot!" where we then rounded up Esther, Bry and Annie (and ran into Jo at the library rock) and created some great memories. I am thankful for new friends.


December was the end of my first semester of college, and this month I was thankful I could come home and be with my entire family, including my big brother. He cooked us a fabulous Christmas dinner (showing off some new skills picked up on the East Coast), quite delicious. He's hilarious, encouraging, and always there for me. I am thankful I have an amazing big brother.


It's not everyday you can wake up at 4:30am, go on a hike with some friends, and get to watch a sunrise like this. Living in Santa Barbara over the past year has been incredible - in every sense of the world. I see God's beauty all over my campus, the beach, downtown, and up in the hills. I am thankful for God's creation.


During the month of February, I was finalizing music details, working on new arrangements, and loving the fact that I could walk right outside, play a song, and there would be people there to listen. I have grown so much musically over this year, and I can't express how much that means to me. I am thankful for my musical pursuits.


Disco skate was one of my favorite events of freshman year. I am thankful for friends that embrace our weird and sometimes ridiculous personalities. I love going to a school where I can be myself and no one will think that's wrong. I am thankful for my unique personality.


Spring Sing. Two words that sum up most of the second semester of my freshman year. It created so many memories, so many songs stuck in peoples heads, so many late-night last-minute fixes, and one incredible night I won't forget. I am thankful for Spring Sing.


I think it's an understatement to say I am thankful for my freshman section. These girls became some of my closest friends and I can't imagine life without them. From late night trips to the beach, dominating in Gotcha, basically running Spring Sing, study sessions, sin water, plumbing issues, and a common bond of being a group of ninjas that lasted from our first meeting together, these girls are amazing in every way. I am thankful for Clark K.


It's the place I've spent my summers at since 2000. It's the smell of the mountain air, the friendships that have lasted through the years, and the memories I have in this place. Calvin Crest has, and always will be such a huge part of my life. I love the location, the people, the mission, and everything about camp. I am thankful for Calvin Crest. 


Three kids I kind of knew before the summer started became some of my closest friends by the end of our time together. These amazing people and I share a common bond of dish rushes, salad bars, warmers, faulty camp cars, early morning shifts and milkshakes. The kitchen team from this last summer blew me away - and I love them so much. I am thankful for my kitch family.


Coming back to Westmont after an amazing summer was an interesting experience. Especially beginning life as a sophomore and closing the chapter on freshman year - I wasn't sure if I was liking any of it anymore. However, God is faithful, and Westmont is still home. I love this place, I love that i have the opportunity to attend school here, and I am thankful for everyone I've met at this place. I am thankful for Westmont.


I love food. I love to eat, I love to cook, and I love to try new foods. This year, the DC hasn't been too top-notch, but I am thankful none-the-less that I can get three meals and day, plus snacks whenever I want them. We have such a hard-working staff in the dining commons, and I thank them whenever I can. I am thankful for Westmont's DC.


Halloween 2011 was such a fun night. Being able to dance the night away with friends that I've had over the past year was just incredible. It was a night to remember, and I loved every moment of it. These girls are incredible, and I am so happy our friendships are still strong. I am thankful for lasting friendships.


This month, I am thankful for a lot of things. One highlight of November was the opportunity for Clark K (my freshman section) to attend a section meeting of the current residents of Clark K - share stories, wisdom, and get to know the girls who now live in our old stomping grounds. They are an amazing group of girls, and sitting down with them and getting to hang out with them made me really excited about the process of applying to be a Resident Assistant for next year. ResLife is amazing, and it was so important for me my freshman year. I am thankful for Westmont's Residence Life.

So all together, this year has been one which I have had so much to give thanks for, and I know as I begin my adventures in the Middle East come January the list will continue to grow. Tonight, I celebrate the holiday with family and friends, eat until I can't feel my stomach, and enjoy the last stretch of break. 

I love Thanksgiving.

"Give thanks in all circumstances."

Respectfully submitted,