Finals Mode: Commencing.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

I have the most insane week coming up.

5 final exams. FIVE. One per day, (minus Thursday, which unfortunately has two) until Friday.

Then, come Friday at 10am, I AM DONE with the first semester of sophomore year, and my time on campus here at Westmont until next fall.

Is that even possible? Legal? I'm running out of adjectives here.
But seriously.

I am ready to be done. I am ready to stop stressing about schoolwork, to be able to say I finished wholeheartedly and take a well deserved break. It is so close I can almost taste it, but standing in between me and that finish line are five huge exams. Five large, intimidating, sharp-toothed exams, hiding underneath the deceiving covers of green books and free coffee from the library, waiting for their chance to catch me off-guard, to throw a curveball question, to keep me up studying the night before so I can't focus during the test period, just waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

I kind of feel like the heroine in a Disney/Pixar movie who is about to prove all her peers wrong by taking down the monster that stands between me and being done. That seems impossible in every way, shape and form, yet stands there for me to face. The foe that waits for me, the fear hanging over my head, waiting on my desk in the classroom I spent a whole semester in, the foe that sneers underneath saying You forgot to study this, you misread that portion, you can't do this.

And yet I will spend this weekend preparing, I will study my brains out, I will hold my head high walking into my examinations. I will drink more coffee than I ever have this semester (thank goodness it's free), I will plan my time accordingly, and I will swiftly slay each and every single one of those exams with a smooth ball-point pen and a strong, blank green book. I will be confident, I will be prepared, and I will conquer finals week. 

I'm sitting in the library right now, taking a small break from putting together my Greek study guide for next week, and somehow, I couldn't feel more content with life. Yes, I have a stressful week coming up, but I made it through that hellish week last week, and I've made it through much worse. This is just another week, a crazy week yes, but just a week nonetheless. I'm going into finals week with a positive attitude, and nothing can change that.

Bring it on, you little devil exams.
I'm ready.


Respectfully submitted,