Sunday, January 01, 2012

The New Year has arrived.

How did I celebrate? Nothing special, watched tv all day with my parents and then food network with my Dad until the clock hit midnight, and went to bed.

There is only one thing on my mind right now.
The fact that in 4 short days I'm going to be on an airplane headed to Istanbul, Turkey for the next four months.

I don't feel ready at all, but too bad. I'm leaving soon.

Here's a look back on my journal entries regarding this upcoming trip.

March 1st 2011
March has arrived - believe it or not! And this month is off to a spectacular start! I'M GOING TO ISTANBUL NEXT SPRING! Best news of the day - I'm literally still reeling in excitement. 

August 14th 2011
I'm getting excited for my upcoming semester at Westmont and being different but still a bit same. And then? ISTANBUL. Which is rapidly approaching, whether I am ready or not. Guess it's time to start that summer reading I kind of forgot about...

September 16th 2011
I am booking flights this week, which is INSANE. I am abroad in a little over 3 months! So crazy...there is so much to do before then, but I want to leave already too. It'll be here before I know it!

September 22nd 2011
But on an exciting note - my flights to Istanbul are officially booked! I can't believe it, I really can't. It seems to surreal, but departure will be here before I know it. January 6th may seem ages away, but I know this semester will fly by.

I'm ready for a challenge, a new adventure and a time to grow. That's why Istanbul seems like such a great experience. I want to be someone new, create new friendships and be spontaneous. I can't wait for Istanbul! There i so much t come, and as of 11:45am on January 6th 2012, I'll be on my way.

October 30th 2011.
The pages of this journal are running out - soon I will be closing the chapter on this book and beginning a new blank book in January. I look back on my entries from this summer and freshman year - feels so long ago, but at the same time feels like just yesterday. Time is going by far too quickly. 67 days to go, and then a new adventure begins in Istanbul, Turkey. There is a lot of stuff to take care of before then, but January 6th can't come fast enough!

December 4th 2011
This is it. The last two weeks at Westmont before I embark on this ridiculous adventure next semester. One more month, and I'll be in Istanbul with 22 other kids, learning, growing, and laughing together. As much as I want to look towards that day, I have a lot to take care of before I leave. Let finals begin...

December 29th 2011
But the fact is in one week I am going to hop on a plane and fly to Turkey with 22 other kids, and I need to have an attitude that will keep my head high and persona positive. I need to regain my confidence. I need to get excited for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I have to shake this scared feeling off and know that this trip and all that comes with it is in God's plan for me. 

So, it's here.

I only have a couple days left, and as much as I want another week or two to soak up everything I love about home - I don't have that choice so I am heading into the most exciting four months of my life with my head held high.

Time to be productive, time to get stuff done, and yes - I have already made a to-do list for today.

Let's do this thing.

Respectfully submitted,