Fighting Sickness from Afar.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm sitting at our kitchen table in our apartment as I write this blog, with a gigantic bottle of water and a box of tissues next to me. Yes, I've somehow managed to get a cold during our first stretch of life in Istanbul, much to my dismay. I skipped our language lessons today, both out of the consideration that I don't want to get anyone else on this trip sick, and the fact that my body is tired, and rest is what it needs.

I've been inside most of the day, made a small breakfast full of fruits to help give me energy, but eventually found myself bundled up on the couch reading more chapters of The Help. I miss reading for pleasure, but having my kindle on this trip has helped a lot. It took my mind off things for a while, which is something I've been needing for a while. However, I have a Turkish Langauge exam tomorrow, so most of the rest of this afternoon and this evening will be spent cramming and studying away.

I went out and got some fresh air a while ago, took a short walk over to the small market near our apartments and picked up some items to help my body fight this sickness. Including, but not limited to: Two 1.5 liter bottled waters, two packs of plain crackers, one overpriced box of tisses, and something I hope turns out to be instant chicken noodle soup. That's the game plan for dinner tonight - and hopefully after a good (and nyquil assisted) night, I will be back up to speed by tomorrow morning.

We only have a couple more days left in these apartments - on Monday we leave Galata and drive to the airport, where our entire team will be flying to Izmir, on a two week trip to the seven churches in Revelation, and more exploration of southern Turkey. I'm excited to be back on the road, even spending two weeks getting adjusted to life here in Galata has me itching to get out and explore more of the country I now call home.

But - I have that exam hanging over my head, so I am off to study while I wait for meds to kick in and help relieve some symptoms of this cold. Blessings to all those in the US who are just waking up! Have a wonderful Thursday!

Respectfully submitted,

A few photos...

A favorite spot to blog. 

Early morning sunrise from Monday.

Tuesday's sunrise, over snow-covered rooftops!