week one.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I have officially been living in Istanbul for a week.

It's been one incredible week to say the least. I have explored the city, tried the local food, and learning the Turkish language at an extremely fast pace. It's been a packed week, and I feel like I have had barely anytime to breathe, but I have loved every moment of it so far.

A few highlights...
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The first view of Istanbul, on an early rainy morning. 

The very first cup of Turkish tea! Soon to become a regular drink, two to three times a day!

Dessert from lunch, melted halva which is quite delicious!

Turkish coffee. Surprising, very good!

One of the 50, 000 cats I've seen around Istanbul.

Getting ready to hop on a cruise down the Bosporus!

Crusin' the Bosporus.

Fantastic sunset!

Exploring the Aya Sofya. One of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

Smiling atop the second floor of the Aya Sofya.

Weather on a Sunday afternoon. The previous day, it was snowing!

In a nutshell, Istanbul has been amazing so far. I can't believe the amount of experiences I have had in just one week of stay here in country, and can't wait to see where the rest of the trip takes me and the rest of our group. I love getting to know the other students I am traveling with, building and strengthening friendships in the process.

To begin our second week here in Turkey, I attended a local church in the morning after enjoying a wonderful breakfast buffet downtown. I spent the afternoon catching up on homework, enjoying the stunning view from our apartment flat, and reading. It was a great way to enjoy the sabbath, and I feel refreshed and ready for another busy week of Turkish language classes. I love learning the language, even though it is quite difficult, but I know it will come in handy throughout the rest of this trip.

Please be in prayer for our team, as some members are getting sick and we don't want the illness to spread to the other students. Also, please be praying that we all have open hearts and minds to what God will do in us throughout this semester. As always, please pray for safety as we travel into some areas of unrest and experience things far outside our comfort zone as we encounter our religious neighbors and discuss some "hard" topics. 

As always, email me with any questions, messages, or well wishes at lsadoian@westmont.edu

Respectfully submitted,