countdowns, "some nights," and other recent happenings.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

It's a typical Wednesday.

I'm at the best coffee house this side of Istanbul - and by this side, I really mean this side: as in the Asian side, and not the European side. Kafeinhouse, which provides me with everything I need to be productive in the sense of homework, online housekeeping, journaling, etc. Not to mention the baristas can make a mean latte, and they have great sandwiches too. Throw a great mix of 50s american music, cozy and comfy chairs, and internet access and you can find me here a good four nights a week if not more. Everything I need to really survive basically.

I have three countdowns running on my dashboard that help keep me in check with what is coming up. First up, if my 20th birthday which is approaching in a short 7 days. As in one week from now, I am closing the chapter on my teenage years and moving on into that weird space in between 18 when you are officially declared an adult, and 21 when you really become an adult. It's all so weird really, thinking about myself being here on earth for two whole decades - all that I've done and seen, accomplished and loved. Plans are up in the air for next Thursday. I'm up for anything, granted that I still manage to get a full night's sleep for classes the next day - the last day of classes at Yeditepe. WHAT.

Next on the countdown list is till I return to the states come May 1st. I have 55 more days until my plane touches down in LAX and I greet my parents at the airport, get thrust back into life in the United States, a typical Dinuba "summer" and suddenly have to face everything that I know and knows me. Part of me is really excited to be back where I understand what is happening and I know the familiar, to eat pancakes and talk in English, but part of me is ridiculously scared that I've somehow managed to change over this semester and I'm not going to fit into that "American" mold that I left behind. It's going to be weird, no doubt, and I'm not sure I'm ready to experience that just yet.

The last countdown I have running is until I make the familiar and loved trek back up the mountain top to a place I love, and that loves me. Calvin Crest 2012 begins in 94 days, and I know this summer is going to be so incredibly different, but I am excited for what it hold. I can't wait to be back in that place, to be around people I somehow only get to see once a year but know me so incredibly well. I'm leading the girls up at Outpost this summer, and even though that was completely unexpected, I find peace in the fact that it was in no way unexpected to God.  He picked me and will prepare me for this position, so I trust in him. I am beyond excited to see how he uses me and the rest of this staff during the coming summer.

Alright. In other news, if you haven't download Fun's new album, "Some Nights" stop reading right now. Yes, right now, go download to it and listen to it while you read the rest of this post.

It has been my go-to-music for the past, I don't know...week since I download it. It gives me hope, and I don't know why. Listening to "Why Am I the One" while I bus back to Yeditepe just makes me smile. It gives me a link back to life in the US, since all of my friends back at Westmont are listening and rocking out to this album as well.

I love good music. If you now me, you know that I can lost in a song forever. As a singer/songwriter myself, I appreciate music, intentions related to music, and a final product that simply takes your breath away. That's what "Some Nights" have done for me. Incredibly good album, a great listen, and probably my go-to album for the rest of this trip.

Okay. So other cool stuff I have done in Istanbul over the last couple days, along with some photos...

Sampling the largest baked potato I think I have ever seen.

Friday night ice skating with friends at Capitol Mall, four stories of amazing shops and food!

Another beautiful Sunday, which I spent going to the Istanbul Modern Art Museum and Van Gogh exhibit!

A classic American chevy, with Turkish interior. How's that for cross-cultural!

Probably one of the most amazing art exhibits I have EVER seen.

Starry Night - my favorite Van Gogh piece :)

Monday field trip to visit Chora Church, and soak in the beauty of their mosaics and frescos!

Exterior of the church

Amazing interior shots!

"What do statues do anyway??" - Emilie Whitman

I love my ridiculously cool and blessed life.

Respectfully submitted,