Saturday, March 03, 2012

Early morning wake up calls, and late afternoon commutes back home create the best opportunities for sunrise/sunset shots. Here are a few to help you soak in the beauty of Istanbul that I get to experience everyday!

A shot of the sunset during our first week in Turkey. This photo was taken on the coast of the Bosporus in Ortaköy near a fishing spot for locals.

During our two week stay at the Manzara apartments, we were treated to amazing views overlooking the Golden Horn from our balcony. Here is a sunset shot from the days of 7am wake up calls for language lessons.

Another sunrise shot from Manzara, on the first day we woke up to snow-covered rooftops in the city. Hooray for a never-ending winter!

Excuse the poor quality of my iPhone - here is a sunset shot on the ferry from Eminönü back to Kadiköy, a commute I make quite often and when taken at the right time, creates amazing views of Sultanahamet. 

A shot from today's sunset, and my favorite so far. The weather was rainy and cloudy all day, until the skies cleared in the late afternoon and gave way to this spectacular sight to end the day.