sweet summer of 2012...

Saturday, May 05, 2012

It is 12:45 am. I am sipping a cup of hot tea out of my (new) favorite mug. I am wearing a sick pair of baby catchers. My mind is wide awake (thanks jetlag),  I've got some tunes on, and my cat is snoozing at the end of my bed.

Welcome to the sweet summer of 2012.

Since my last update, a lot has changed over here. I've been adapting my blog back to it's normal look, where it will stay "My Life as Leah" until June 8th when it takes on it's next new title, for the course of my summer up @5,000 feet. The lack of a subtitle, however, means that I am back into a new phase of my life, which also means that I'm trudging through a time of readjustment and processing, as well as preparation and anticipation for the next phase.


We talked a lot during our last few days abroad about what the re-entry process will look like. What it will feel like to come back to America, to reconnect with friends, to get used to life away from the 23 other people I spent 115 days with, and the long process it will take to "re-enter" into our normal lives. I knew coming into this that it would be difficult, that it would take time, but to be honest - I don't think you can really prepare for anything like that. You can give yourself advice, tell yourself tips, think possible scenarios through, but until you actually step foot onto the path of re-entry, it's all potential things. When you start walking down the dirt road towards your normal life, however long it may be, things begin to be concrete, and those tips and advice and potential situations become real. I think the real challenge becomes adapting what I've learned into the appropriate situations, rather than remembering to adapt them at all.

It's been very quiet since I've been at home, and I think that's what I've needed.

I haven't seen a lot of friends, or actually anyone other than my parents - out of a need for me to recover from the last couple intense weeks, mainly in the form of sleep and cleaning my room...unpacking and organizing gifts, journaling and spending time with my cat...the usual things I do when I get home from a semester at Westmont. It has been pleasant, very nice, relaxing, and the best thing for me right now. Even though I want to get out and see people, I need a little time to myself, to wrap this semester up personally, and prepare myself for what it will be like to actually see other people. Considering this entire summer will consist of reunions once I get to home, it seems like the proper thing to do now. Failing to prepare, after all, is preparing to fail.

On a few things happening soon...

May 10th will commemorate the 4 year anniversary of my blog, "My Life as Leah." Although that hasn't been it's title for all 4 years, regardless I have been blogging about my life, my ridiculous adventures, lessons I have learned and journeys I have taken for the last four years. Dating back to the spring semester of my sophomore year of high school, up to the halfway mark in my college years. Be prepared for a large announcement on that date...something has been in the works over the course of this semester that will complete the "quartet" of my social networking, finding a place next to my twitter, tumblr, and blog.

The travel bug hasn't completely made it's way out of my system yet...May 16th my Dad and I fly out to Beantown, USA (that's Boston, Mass. for those of you who don't know your US geography). We are watching my brother's girlfriend, who is also one of my close friends, graduate from Gordon University. Congrats Sally, you are almost there. While we are out on the East Coast, I will get to spend some quality time with the city that almost became my home after high school, but (now I can say) thankfully, it did not. Regardless, Dad and I have a good week together with Jared and Sally, and it will provide a great outlet once that itch to travel gets into my daily point of view again.

I am up to Calvin Crest for my third year on summer staff in 33 short days. I am so excited for how God will work through my this summer, and through the rest of staff as we prepare to spend another sweet summer together on the mountain top. Even though there is so much to do before then, I am so incredibly excited for this portion of my summer. Camp has been good to me a majority of the time, and I'm sure this summer will be no exception.

Life is slowly returning back to normal.

Well, minus the fact that it is in the wee hours of the morning and I am wide awake, due to the fact it is currently 11am on the world clock that my body has adjusted to over the course of the semester. Thankfully there is plenty of The Office, Parks and Recreation, Bones, and tea to hold me through until my sleepiness drifts back into my point of view.

I hope you are all sleeping well, readers.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Respectfully submitted,