the welcome wagon.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

This is a short and informal post, but one worth reading.

I've been writing for a while, and one thing that never ceases to make me smile is when I see new people join the wonderful world of blogger.

So readers, join me in welcoming two new members to my current reading list, Emily and Emilie.

Emily Hagen, who lived in my section freshman year has a new blog up and running called Zero to Two in Five Seconds and has been blogging her way through summer thus far. Her personality (one of delightful sweetness and intelligent realizations about the world) really shines through her writing. Take a moment and check it out, her latest post is one of how she managed to outsmart her dog, and had me laughing and smiling the whole way through.

Emilie Whitman, on the other side of the spectrum of Emilys, also recently started writing on the world wide web. Whiticisms, as her blog is aptly titled features a more formal look into the world. Emilie and I recently traveled the Middle East together (because that's what college kids do, right?) and now that we are back home she has taken to writing as a form of processing and sharing her lessons with the world. Her writing is beautiful and really reflects everything this past semester and and day-to-day life discoveries hold. Her first post, surrounded around a metaphor of being a watering can sloshing over and hitting nearby plants with what this last semester has taught her was extremely creative and really well-written.

I'm stoked my friends are diving headfirst into the greatness that is having your own blog, so I'm here to spread a little encouragement to keep writing and keep sharing. 

Keep up the good work guys!

Respectfully submitted,