the little things.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

This past week has been overwhelming, frustrating, disappointing and very long.
However, this past week has also been very, very good.

Two weeks into the summer and things are twisting, moving, re-shaping and becoming complicated. I do not enjoy complicated things. If it were up to me, life would be so much easier if it was simple. But it isn't, and because of that, we come to appreciate what does remain simple and steadfast. And this week, I found that in the little things.

The "little things" are the small patches of our everyday life up on the mountain that we tend to pass by without a second thought. However, in the midst of a crazy and hectic week, I found peace and assurance, and more importantly, blessings, in the little things. In a time where I am becoming unsure and uncertain about where I will be at the end of this summer, the little things proved to be small bursts of happiness, joy, and contentment that reminded me that everything will be okay in the end. And if it doesn't feel okay now, then it isn't the end.

Here are the little things I was blessed by this week.

  • hot coffee in the morning courtesy of our amazing kitchen staff
  • never-ending prayers from fellow staff members for our Outpost team
  • Jackson, our cook who is incredible, in every sense of the word
  • Joel knowing Outdoor Ed songs...which came in handy this week
  • Accommodations dropping off bee traps for our hive issue.
  • Kitchen staff who constantly allow me to steal food when I need it most. Like popcorn and m&ms when I felt like my world was falling apart
  • Friends down the hill who always come and visit Outpost
  • Friends down the hill who don't forget about me just because I work at Outpost
  • Breakfast burritos, twice this week.
  • The chance to get to know 60 campers, in two half week sessions
  • The smell of Outpost grill in my beanie. And jackets. And hair. And everything.
  • A hug when I needed it most this week. And a shoulder to cry on as well.
  • Jeans that are so covered in coal, dust, dirt, and who knows what else, that reflect a long, hard, and rewarding week. 
  • Staff worship.
  • Impromtu Outpost dance parties when Michelle and I are left in charge.
  • Miwok village. 
  • Time off. And the chance to really dig into what lies under my frustrations and disappointments. 
There is so much more that I noticed this week. Little things that crossed my mind and reminded me that I am blessed and even though I am slightly angry, frustrated and just plan fed up with some stuff going on in my life right now, there is still something to give thanks for and something to be aware of. The blessings in my life far outweigh the frustrations, and as long as I focus on that, I feel as though the frustrations may start to peel away, revealing a fresh skin of appreciation and patience for my future.

Tomorrow our team begins a new week, this time working on projects for Outpost and helping out with Family Camp as our first session of Outpost was cancelled due to low numbers. So for the next few weeks, until week 6 when we pick Outpost back up, we will be floating around camp, working on various teams, and utilizing our skills as we best can.

My eyes are beginning to droop, sleep is beginning to take over, because it is 11:30pm on a Saturday night and all my body wants to do is sleep. Which means that even though I have plenty more to write, I need to sleep. To doze off into the land of relaxation and dreams, to be able to escape the stress and overwhelming nature I experienced this week, and find peace within a slow and steady breathing till my alarm buzzes at 7am. God has done so much for me this past couple weeks, and one that has been constant all along is blessing me with sleep. Letting me be able to sleep and rest and wake again each morning.

Another little thing to remember, each and everyday.

Respectfully submitted,


  1. I'm grateful for the woman God is twisting, moving, and reshaping. Thanks for including us in the process.