orientation. you know...pine needles and stuff.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


What a week.

I told myself that when I made it up to camp this summer, that even though I will be swamped with work up to my knees, I need to make a point to keep this blog going. At the minimum, one post a week. So here is this week's post, a very important one - ORIENTATION WEEK.

Orientation Week: also known as a time for the Calvin Crest summer staff of 2012 to meet each other, get acquainted, plan out their schedules, train in their respective jobs, have plenty of staff bonding time, and get camp ready for campers who arrive TOMORROW MORNING. My orientation week has consisted of prepping Outpost for campers, planning activities and getting supplies organized, freaking out a little bit over the fact I am going to be teaching the gospel to jr. highers, and bonding with the rest of my small, but mighty team. Also, I raked up pine needles for a combined 18 hours my first two days here. Yup, it's o-week.

Being on the mountain top has been good, and has been hard. I love being back here, I love the familiar sights and sounds, the smells coming from the pine trees and also the kitchen that bring back a flood of memories. That being said, however, it has also been hard. I have had a hard time remembering that this is the summer of 2012, and not a summer past. It comes to me in waves, a moment here, a location there, being around people who I have shared summers with before - where conversations can come up so quickly where we find ourselves reminiscing on the week of 400 campers, late night dishes, dance parties, broken tear-filled afternoons, and saturdays at Bass Lake. Don't get me wrong - I love being with people whom I love and have shared wonderful memories with. But there are a load of new staff members here who deserve to be included just as much, if not more. I'm working on that...among lots of other things too.

I'm finding out working on a program team is so incredibly different that working on an operations team. I am planning events, and bible devotions instead of doing dishes and running meals. I am preparing myself for face-to-face interaction with campers instead of refilling dishes of food on the line for them. I am feeling slightly less confident that I would like to be...and I know if I was in a kitchen I would be as confident as ever - because I knew what I was doing.

But even though that's the most uncomfortable part of the summer for me so far, I know it will be the most rewarding. I am doing something new, something different, and that is something i was wishing for as I left the valley and headed up to the mountaintop. I need to understand that I have been called to this. God didn't put me here without a reason. He knows I need to be at Outpost this summer and not in a dish room because I am a vital part of the work that will be done at the Post. So I am heading into tomorrow with my head held high, knowing that God will hold my hand the entire way through, from this week to the next, and throughout the entire summer. After all, "God does not call the equipped, He equips the called."

I am growing, and I can feel it through every vien in my body.

God is stirring something in me this summer, and one week into it - I am starting to realize and understand that expectations I have on my part need to be removed. This is not as summer for me. This is a summer for Him to continue to mold and shape me into the woman He wants me to become.

There is a lot I need to let go of.

Respectfully submitted,