back to the good 'ol grind.

Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm apologizing in advance for this post. It's only 9:30pm on a Friday night - but I'm exhausted and I need to sleep. Life has been insanely busy since arriving back at Westmont after Imprint - and my mind is full. We have a jam packed week approaching, and lots of work to do, so once things get into a rhythm, I hope to update more fully.

Here is a list of really awesome things I've done recently...

  • I backpacked over 27 miles in the outback of Mineral King Canyon on Imprint 2012. I ate freeze dried food, hiked over rainy mountain passes topping 12,000ft in elevation, bonded with a unique and lovely group of 12 amazing people, and listened to God speak truth into my life. I also learned and experienced pooping in the woods. A great time, indeed.
  • RA training on campus has begun. We're covering policies and protocols, bonding with our staff and the rest of ResLife '12-'13, talking community and what makes a section a strong one, and digging deep into what it means to be leaders this year. Days are long, sleep is short, but such is the life of an Resident Assistant.
  • People are moving back into campus! Student leaders (ICP and Campus ministries) moved in yesterday, some of us receiving our first round of residents in our sections. I am still alone until next monday, when a few of my women first arrive. However, just getting people back into the dorms is a great feeling. All of the student leaders are on their leadership retreat camping on the channel islands, which is like a really toned down Imprint, but still an amazing experience, I'm sure.
  • I'm getting used to life off the mountain. It's been a rough transition. I miss the early, misty mornings, the hot and sweaty afternoons, and of course - that spectacular night sky full of stars. I miss the people I spent two months with, but God is giving me a lot of peace about where the summer ended. Maybe not particularly where I wanted things to end, but I know God is asking me to be patient with a lot of stuff right now. 
  • I've made a ton of new friends. I'm really shocked at how close ResLife is becoming. My staff has become my family through training thus far - bonding over staff dinners and learning how to change vacuum bags. I've heard stories and testimonies, shared struggles and found commonalities within this big family of 12. They are going to be some of my closest friends over the course of this next year, and I'm so excited to experience the ever-changing and sometimes frustrating life of being a Resident Assistant with them.
So in all, this month has been one of transitions, familiar faces, and the start of something new. Things still feel uncertain - almost like I haven't quite settled into life yet. And to be honest, I don't think I have. I think life is going to take a long time to sink in, especially after the summer I had and the decisions I have come to since being off the mountain.

I need to write more, I need to process more, but my eyes are drooping and my soul needs rest.

Another new week full of training, preparation, prayer, and joy lies ahead. 
May the joy of the Lord be your strength, as well as mine.

Respectfully submitted,