let the countdown begin.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

If no one else wants to admit it, I gladly will.
The countdowns have started.

I'll start with the closest.
16 more days until Thanksgiving break.

I'm not sure if Thanksgiving break can even be considered a break, because I do not remember one of those in college thus far when I wasn't working on some major project, preparing for a final speech, or already preparing for final exams. Thanksgiving break is more of an extended weekend, you know those weekends when you aren't really resting or relaxing, but are in deep preparation for an upcoming hellish week of exams, projects, etc. Also known as most of my weekends thus far into this school year.  Thanksgiving break is chance to do that over the course of 5ish days, while at home. You also get to stuff your face with turkey and all the fixings and hang out with family. So I suppose it is some sort of break, considering instead of doing homework at desk in the library, I'll be studying/preparing for the last weeks of this semester on my couch, in my pajamas, with my cat and a cup of tea nearby. There will most likely be a college football game on as well.

Next one is the end of the semester, a mere 42 days away.
That seems like a lot of days, but in reality that's going to come quick.

Considering the next 4 and a half weeks leading up to finals weeks (yes, Westmonsters you heard me right. We only have 4 1/2 weeks till finals. Yikes.) are going to be jam-packed with papers, exams, and a major research project, the end of this semester could literally be right around the corner. Thank goodness we have that tiny breather of Thanksgiving break in between this, but I can already see finals week looming in the distance. Considering this time last year I was preparing for 5 in class exams, only having 3 seems like a pretty easy load. But finals week is draining nonetheless, and I find myself looking forward to it purely in terms of free food and coffee, and the end actually being so close I can taste it.

Christmas is only 51 days away.

That's until the actual day. Not when I can start listening to Christmas music, drink hot chocolate with the little marshmallows, and wear my fuzzy green slippers without feeling bad. That'll come with the return to campus after Thanksgiving break. But 51 days from now, I'll have the first semester of my junior year of college under my belt, a relaxing week at home with my ENTIRE family (can't wait to see you again, big bro) and another year at The Musson Family Christmas, which I'm already looking forward to. Presents and eggnog, hot cider and tasty food, good company and lots of time with my cat. I'm stoked as anybody. But I do need to get through the next 4 1/2 weeks plus finals before I can celebrate the end of the semester and the coming holidays.

Usually I don't focus a lot about countdowns, but I am now.

I think it has something to do with the normalcy of my life in this season. Where things are pretty average. I'm not doing anything especially spectacular, things have been quiet, I've actually come to think that my lack of blogging has come out of the fact that I really don't have anything spectacular to blog about. Countdowns help me remember that there are big things in my life approaching. That even though my life is average (at least in this season) there are exciting things on the way.

The normalcy of my life is killing me.

It probably has something to do with the fact that my life has not been normal for a while. A year ago at this time I was doing the normal college thing, but was planning my semester abroad, booking flights across the world, and preparing for the adventure of a lifetime. Then I did that adventure for a whole semester, where "normal" was the last thing on my mind for those four months. I went straight into a summer at Calvin Crest, working with the most amazing kids ever at Outpost, where life wasn't really normal either. I came to Westmont, went through Imprint and RA training, which wasn't normal, or familiar either, and then came to settle into the routine of this semester. Which has begun to be normal. An everyday thing. It feels trivial to say I'm tired of it, but to be honest, I am.

I'm tossing it into the salad bowl of "re-entry" side-effects coming off a semester like last spring. I don't know how much longer re-entry side effects are going to last. It's been almost seven months since I've arrived back in the states, and you think I would have re-entered into life by now. But I haven't. I'm not upset or sad about it. It's just one of those things that makes you think. I sit in my room with the door closed and evaluate my life. Where I am now, where I have been. Where I'm going, when life takes me on another adventure and suddenly I look around and things aren't normal anymore.

It sounds uncomfortable, but I'm yearning for it.
It doesn't look like it'll be fulfilled anytime soon, so I'll take the present as it is, normalcy and all, roll with the punches and find a way to become excited about life.

Here's to the average.
Maybe I'll find a new adventure soon.

Respectfully submitted,