I propose a toast.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

A toast.

To the 14th week of the semester.
To the final papers, the final projects, the lack of motivation and the drive to finish.
To the late nights, endless cups of coffee, and scribbles upon crumpled notebook paper.
To the early mornings, blaring alarm clocks, sleepy eyes wishing for just 5 more minutes.
To the remaining 12 days of classes.
To the 3 final exams.
To the finish line.

A toast.

To the lessons I've learned over the past 14 weeks.
To people who don't deserve to be in my life.
To the people who made me see they want to be.
To my beautiful section of women, the lessons they have taught me, the laughs we have shared.
To twinkle lights and cups of tea, to chocolate cat cookies and sunflowers.
To quiet mornings with my journal, the stories I only write, and never tell.
To unexpected surprises from life, the blessings that pass me by.
To my "family" in Farmington, to event-planning and debriefs, desserts and staff meetings.
To 14 weeks well spent in community.

A toast.

To what the coming months hold.
To the unpredictability, and uncertainty.
To the scent of somewhere new, somewhere unfamiliar, somewhere fresh and clean.
To city life and public transportation.
To the life of adventure-seeking and spontaneity.
To new beginnings, and fulfilled promises.
To potential, and never settling for less than I have to.
To family, to love, to taking care of myself.

I propose toast.

To this season of life.

It's been a crazy last couple months. School is over in three weeks. I don't know where I'm heading. All I know is my soul is aching for some wide open spaces. A time where I can sit down and think through all the things I can't think through now because I'm busy. Or tired. Or sick. Or sick and tired. And busy.  Did I mention tired?

My flesh may fail, but my God you never will.

I'm being vague.
But that's where I am tonight.

Deep breaths. Everything will be just fine.

The battle cry of the final stretch is still ringing out loud and clear.

Respectfully submitted,