Monday, June 03, 2013

Nearly a month in already?

You've got to be kidding me.

Indeed, I've been in the wonderful city of Boston for almost a month now, working at a lovely restaurant in Cambridge, learning so much about food and drink, exploring the heart of the city and navigating my way through the subway system while bonding with my brother's cats and hanging out with my soon-to-be sister in law. 

Summer is off to a pretty stellar start.

The first few weeks were marked by a whirlwind of training for my new job. Memorizing menu items, perfecting service techniques, watching plates of delicious food fly off the pass to guests throughout dinner...it was slightly intimidating to start with but after 3 weeks I feel as though I'm beginning to get the hang of everything. For more on my place of work this summer, you can explore the website for Craigie on Main here. My co-workers are a great group of people, and I appreciate the patience that have extended to me as I ask tons of probably obvious questions and get adjusted into work. 

The restaurant is closed on Mondays, so I've used that space of time to get out and explore this amazing city I get to call home this summer. There is nothing more satisfying than taking the T down to Park Streets and simply wandering down Boylston street...looking in shop windows, stopping at a starbucks for an iced coffee and staring up at skyscrapers sitting alongside old brick churches. Cars whiz by, the subways rumbles under my feet, people walk past at a variety of speeds. I see posters that read "Boston Strong" hanging from buildings, small memorials outside of Marathon Sports where the marathon bombings occurred. 

The city makes me miss life abroad.

Things are so eerily similar to Istanbul -- city streets and public transportation, always a new face or place to visit, and the unfamiliarity of it all. I find myself doing similar things to when I was abroad. Taking days to myself to go sit in a coffee shop with a good book (to start my summer reading list off I'm re-reading Brenda Ueland's If You Want to Write, and getting inspired with each turn of the page). I'm making a bucket list of things I want to do before I leave, a mix of both the touristy and local attractions, things like see a Fenway game, and visit local bakeries for gourmet cupcakes. I'm visited some of the best bars in Boston, grabbing a hand-crafted drink at each and expanding my cocktail and beer horizons.

This summer is a blessing. 
I know it will be over so soon, so I'm taking each day as it comes, breathing in new experiences and giving thanks for everything.

One month in, and two months left. 

Respectfully submitted,

And now, a few photographs from my time on east coast thus far.

Riding the last outbound train of the night.

The Craigie team took a field trip out to Ruggles Hill Creamery, in Hardwick, to get a tasting tour of a local creamery that produces the goat cheese we use on our cheese plate.

We also got to see the goats!

And frolic around with them. Such a great (and hilarious) experience.

Day off spent at Armsby Abbey in Worcester for gourmet cheese plates and draft beer.

Jessica, one of Jared's kitties :)

Memorial day at the Boston Commons.

Poster on the window of Marathon Sports, site of the Boston marathon bombings.

Enjoying my first red sox game with the Craigie gang!

(Photo by Kate Hewitt)

Iced vanilla coffee and a good book.

Boston Public Gardens on an overcast Wednesday.

In a bleek effort to find a quality in N out type burger outside of California...I've discovered Uburger, a close enough alternative for this summer. Yum!