vacation within vacation.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

That's where I am right now.

Within the three months of my summer vacation, I have been lucky to find myself with 10 full days off of work to have a "vacation." While the restaurant undergoes some routine maintenance, both the back of house and front of house staff have been given some time off.

What have I been doing?

A mix of catching up on errands/prep for school, sight-seeing and tourist-related things, and preparing for one awesome weekend in New York City. Quite possibly the best recipe for vacation, ever. Life has been chugging along really well out here on the east coast. Somewhere around the halfway point of my summer vacation I realized that I have created a pretty swell routine. Once again, the unfamiliar has become familiar. Boston feels like home, the summer has moved by at a fairly nice pace. Before I know it, I'll be back at Westmont for senior year...which still feels odd to say.

I'm going back to Westmont for the last time. As a student, I should say. I don't know if my path will ever lead me back to that campus...I suppose we'll have to wait and see. I'm slightly scared that this year will turn into the year of "lasts." The last line dance. The last Robot Food. The last Christmas tree lighting, pillow fight, spring sing, etc. I don't want to remember this year as being the last year. I kind of just want this year to be a really good year. Not the last year. Just a really, really, good school year.

But I still have about a month to go until I need to start dwelling on ideas like that.

For now, I'm going to kick back with a glass of craft beer, enjoy the remainder of my summer in one of the best cities of the US, and take every little thing that I know I'll miss when I step foot back on the hills of Montecito and start another new adventure.

Sweet summer [vacation within] vacation, you are too good to me.

Respectfully submitted,

And now, another slew of photos from my summer thus far.

Great spot for a delicious dinner and drinks to match!

#summerofwhite from the Monday night cellar special at ES!

Key to finishing a Sunday double: caffeine. all. day. long.

I think I died when I saw this. 

Drinking some delicious Smuttynose in New Hampshire!

Touring the Smuttynose Brewing factory.

After a delightful little rainstorm, the city skyline looks just as gorgeous.

Beers and Bruins. Unfortunately, no Stanley Cup this year.

Great read. Great, great, read.

Tasting the red wines of Italy!

Makes perfect sense.

Waking up to this at the foot of my bed is not creepy at all.

Turkish lunch date with Hannah! Complete with coffee and Turkish beer :)

Preparing for the four hour drive to Vermont for beer shopping!

Home of the deliciously hoppy double IPA "Heady Topper!"

Tasted and purchased some of the most sought-after beer in the US with these fine folks. 
Great, great Wednesday.