There are no rules in filmmaking. Only sins. And the cardinal sin is dullness.”
–– Frank Capra

I like to call this my Director’s face.

I like to call this my Director’s face.


I’ve been fascinated by video as long as I can remember. An avid YouTube consumer as a teenager, I jumped headfirst into the opportunities working with a full-scale production team at IMAGO. From concept design to direction, filming and post-production, I have a wide variety of experience in all stages of the videography process. Whether for personal or professional, I’m more than happy to capture life in literal moving color.

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: Filming (lead), Production, Post-Production

This promotional video highlights the relevance and necessity of emotional intelligence (EI) in the workplace, filmed at a professional development training in Clark County, NV. Using footage from the training, along with stock footage, I created a short promo video that could be used by the sales team to promote EI curriculum in professional businesses and organizations. Post-production included animations in After-Effects, color correction, and audio balancing.

Success in the Workforce: Filming (lead), Production, Post-Production

To highlight the success of one of IMAGO’s partners, the Fresno Regional Workforce Development Board, I led a team of videographers in filming a workshop that featured adult learners using IMAGO content. This promotional video showcases the relevancy of soft skills and digital curriculum for adult learners in the workforce. Post-production included sorting footage, audio syncing and balancing, color correcting, and title cards.

MUSD + IMAGO: Filming, Production, Post-Production (lead)

Madera Unified School District requested a video from our marketing team that highlighted how their 6th grade teachers were facilitating industry and career exploration with their students. Filming including separate audio recording via lavalier lapel mics, and utilizing a Canon 70D DSLR camera with a Sigma 18-35 lens. Post-production focused on audio cleaning/syncing, color correction, stabilization, lower thirds, and title/end cards.

2017 IMAGO Holiday Video: Concept, Filming (Assist), Direction, Production, Post-Production

The annual IMAGO Holiday Video is a fun, lighthearted, glimpse into our company culture, sent to all clients during the holiday season. Drawing inspiration from lip dubs and “one-shot” viral videos, I conceptualized our own spin, organizing the 12 team members throughout the office and assisting in filming with our Cannon 70D and DJI Ronin-M Gimbal. Post-production included beginning and ending title cards, color correction, and audio balancing.

How-To Bulk Upload Users: Script, Narration, Filming, Production, Post-Production

The IMAGO platform provided users with a “Lesson Toolbox,” comprised of short tutorials on different features. I created the majority of these, and this specific one taught users how to use our bulk-upload feature. Included in this project was scripting, recording the audio narration, screen-recording, designing graphics in Adobe Illustrator, and utilizing After Effects to animate all the illustrations.

SXSW Proposal Video: Post-Production

To accompany IMAGO’s proposal to present at South by Southwest, I was asked to create a small video that summarized the company, goals, and presentation. Unlike my other video projects, this was previously filmed by our Directing of Marketing, and given to me with less than 24 hours to finish. In order to accomplish this, I used existing existing footage from promotional videos and title card templates.