“At last I understood that writing was this: an impulse to share with other people a feeling or truth that I myself had.” — Brenda Ueland

Writing is my first love.

My childhood bedroom is full of boxes containing journals detailing my life growing up. A chance suggestion from a high school English teacher led me to starting an online blog in 2008, where I wrote and shared my life to friends and family online, eventually growing my online audience to far larger than I could ever imagine. My Life as Leah is where my digital content all began, and where I continue to share the stories and experiences that shape me into who I am.

My professional work includes content writing for IMAGO, centered around communicating the successes of our partners in our online blog. Much of that includes taking complicated data results, and translating them into a story or article for the general audience to understand. I have also guest-written for a variety of digital and physical newspapers, as well as constructed captioning and written content for social media. If you’re looking for a storyteller who understands and cares deeply for the power of written words, feel free to contact me and let’s chat.